The Living Word

In the middle ages, and before that, very few people had access to a bible. Bibles were hand written, expensive, and precious. Few people could read at all and those who did, read the bible. Generally we could say that not many people had access to the “Word of God.”

But they lived in “real time,” close to nature, attuned to the seasons, the stars, the festivals of the year. The presence of God was never far from them. They were open-hearted, innocent, capable of amazement.

Today there are bibles everywhere, in every household, motel room, library and online. So now everyone has a bible, but still, very few people have “access” to it. Very few have access to the Living Word. A person can read it all day long and it will not necessarily reach them at all.

Is there some kind of precondition necessary in order to be receptive to the “Living Word?” Is there a precondition to being receptive to truth, the Gospels being one of many manifestations of truth?

We find ourselves in an interesting situation. We can read the most profound truths today, the greatest literature, the most insightful philosophy and it can wash right over us, making no impact whatsoever. We have access to every bit of information that’s out there, but WE CANNOT BE MOVED.

As the physicist Arthur Zajonc puts it, “A new paradoxical geometry of life has gradually established itself at the core of modern existence.”

We cannot “be moved” and so it is up to us to move, to bestir ourselves, to allow a new possibility. It begins with a longing for truth. Maybe it begins with a recognition of untruth, a witnessing of deception, fraud, fake news, which finally launches us into action.

We have to reclaim and re-establish our connection to the earth, the rhythms of the year, and all of the wisdom which waits in silent patience for our becoming. And then we have to learn to live in real time, with real people, and work on real conversations which illumine and open our hearts and minds. We have to be capable of being amazed and astonished again.

Christ says; “Behold, I make all things new” and it begins to dawn on us: Our whole purpose in life is to search for, discover, fight for and make a place for TRUTH. In our world today this is the greatest challenge of all. Stay the course, stay woke, and may we all be ignited by the Living Word.

by Carol Kelly