We are coming into a time when the consciousness of spirit in matter, of the material world as a reflection of the spirit, is gently descending.

For some, there is tremendous anxiety and fear as the new consciousness makes itself known. The “old way” and the world as we knew it is falling away, and the new one has not quite been established yet.

The turning point began with the Baptism in the Jordan, when the Being of Christ entered the sphere of Earth. There, the transformation of the human being and of the earth itself began.

In the Old Testament, the law coming from Moses brought order and guidance to the people of Israel. This was right and good. But when Christ came, things began to change. We can read in the prologue of the John Gospel, “For the law was given through Moses: Grace and truth have come into being through Jesus Christ.”

We can feel the momentous “shift” that takes place right down into the earth as Christ changes the focus through his consciousness, toward a decision full of grace and truth. The woman caught in adultery (John 8: 1-12), has done something which takes her further away from her true being. That is punishment enough. She will have to reconcile this in her life and in lifetimes to come. Jesus does not condemn her.

And so we learn through Christ’s example something about the laws of Karma. No one needs to judge the inner soul of another human being. In walking with Christ, in coming to know a higher consciousness, we can learn to respect the higher self in every human being and to trust that Karma will be fulfilled in the course of earthly evolution.

This can release us from a tremendous burden. We can work on our own becoming, on bringing our higher selves to the present moment. We can deal with ourselves with grace and truth, not condemning ourselves as we miss the mark, but always continuing to strive.

We do not have to fear the judgements which other people inflict upon us. What they reveal is a consciousness clouded over like an overcast sky. The sun is still there, way above us, bestowing light, even when we walk in darkness.

We can believe and trust in the Light of Christ on earth. We can trust that this world-illness also brings with it a certain Divine Guidance and purpose. What is the wisdom in bringing the world of materialism to a standstill? What are we meant to grasp here? How can we unite ourselves with Christ’s destiny-ordering will? Are we ready to change?

by Carol Kelly

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