Infinite Love

And see, there was in Jerusalem a man named Simeon. He was devout, entirely dedicated to the Good, and lived in expectation of him who was to bring the consolation of the Spirit to the people of God. The Holy Spirit was upon him, and through the power of the Holy Spirit it had been revealed to him that he would not die before he had seen Christ, the Lord.  Inspired by the Spirit he went into the Temple, just as the parents brought in the child to fulfill the custom of the Law. And he took the child in his arms praising God and said:

‘Now let your servant depart in peace, O Master,

according to your word.

For now my eyes have seen your healing deed

which you have prepared before all peoples:

A light which leads the peoples of the world to revelation and makes your own people shine in the spirit.’

And his father and mother were amazed that such words were spoken about him.

And Simeon blessed them and said to Mary, his mother:

‘See, he will cause the fall of many among his people,

but he will also let them rise again.

He is a being who will call up dissent;

a sword will pierce your heart, too.

Through him the thoughts and ponderings of many hearts will be revealed.

                                                                                                        ~Luke 2: 25-36

The elders, schooled in prayer and full of wisdom, come to the end of their lives and meet the Jesus child. They are filled with joy and with hope. In their wisdom they know that the the journey will not only be joyful, but also fraught with great pain and difficulty.

Our children and our grandchildren fill us with tremendous joy. They affirm the Truth that all children come to us as a gift from the Spiritual World. But our joy is also tempered by a thousand fears, hopes and worries. We find ourselves praying for their safety, praying that their accidents will not be fatal, but only good lessons, that their heartbreaks will be strengthening, that their way will be blessed and guided.

In truth, we are also praying because of the pain which it would cause us if anything happened to them. But then, if things get really tough, sometimes there is a transformation. We pray to take their pain upon ourselves. We ask that we be the ones to bear the burden instead of them because we are “seasoned” to it.

In total compassion we begin to get an insight into the kind of love that is so strong and so deep that someone would willingly take on someone else’s karma, someone else’s pain. We imagine that our children will never know how much we love them. They could not comprehend it.

Then we begin to understand Christ’s infinite love for us.

A God of the highest order came down to us. Christ entered into human evolution although he did not have to. He “took us on.”

What kind of a world did he come from when he decided to come to us? A world filled with unimaginable beauty, light, music, infinite numbers of angelic beings of many orders of magnitude. From these worlds of which the Sun is but a remnant, Christ came down to us, united with us, took on our burdens.

Now he is our Ancestor. He is in our blood and bones. He is the hope of the world. He is the newborn child who fills us with wonder and joy and great trepidation of all that lies before us if we are to follow him.

by Carol Kelly

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