Alive in Us

Every young person and certainly every adult has experienced the disappointment that the world is not as he or she had imagined it to be. The ideals with which we came into this world are not met by outer circumstances. This can lead to pain and bitter anger.

Looking at this situation in America or in the world at large, we can easily be filled with anger. The unbridled greed, falsehood, the oppression of the poor, racism, the way we treat children and the elderly, and Mother Earth are all of a piece, causing great distress and anxiety among people. Anger is an appropriate response and certainly better than complacency. Anger which comes from an understanding that things could be otherwise can serve as motivation.

Anger at God is entirely misdirected. We are the ones who have failed. We human beings have been given the freedom to create, to innovate, to care for and tend the earth and one another. And we can empathize with the wrath of God that things are in such a terrible state in many places. But the wrath of God is not yet upon us. We receive unconditional, universal love through Christ. He is the One who “makes faith and knowledge true.” (Rev. 19)

Having faith in that which is true creates a kind of “lifeline” between us and the future. It helps to bring about the world we would like to create. How many great human beings have attributed their success to an older, wiser person who had faith in them? How many people have been healed, or saved, or far exceeded their own expectations through the power of their faith in Christ?

That which is “alive” in us now is that which will continue after we die: our striving, our courage, the suffering we have endured, our trust in Divine Wisdom and the faith we have put forth as extensions of our better nature. We can participate in a higher world order and in doing so we become more of who we truly are. We begin to live up to our own ideals.

by Carol Kelly


Painting by Kathryn Lynch

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