Light from Above

The purest appearance of the outer physical body of the Logos is the light of the Sun. Sunlight is not only material light. To Spiritual perception, it is also the garment of the Sun. In sunlight, spirit streams to the earth, the Spirit of Love. ~Rudolf Steiner

No human soul is self-contained and evolving without tremendous influence from other human beings and all that is happening in the world. And it seems as though something is working very hard to spread mass confusion in just about every aspect of our lives.

There are elements of “untruth” sewn into the information we are given, and also in our own understanding, so that we can humbly acknowledge that there is always more to learn, more to discern. But that can also bring us to the point where we think that we can never really “know” anything.

Where can we find higher wisdom or cosmic thought?

How will we ever get ourselves out of the predicament we are in?

Imagine that we are in a great ocean, and we have each been given our own little boat. Some people say that there is “land” somewhere, but others think that is just a rumor or their imagination running wild. So every person paddles away, but nobody knows what direction to follow!

And then some people put the oars down and say that there is no point so why not just let the wind and water take them where it will, because nothing really matters anyway.

No one would get very far in this condition! And there would be great loneliness! Now imagine that somebody, all of a sudden, (and once this actually did occur) thought of a sail: a way to harness the wind and direct it!

The whole world changes at that moment. This was a universal thought which could help everyone. And it could get us somewhere.

This is the nature of cosmic intelligence. It is like sunlight. Its signature is that it is universal wisdom, helps all of humanity, comes out of “nowhere,” (but really from above) and is born not out of greed, nor ambition but out of creative longing and inner striving.

We can open our hearts to this kind of creative guidance and when we do, we release the untruths crowding our consciousness and we feel ourselves to be filled with light. All of the great ideas in art, science and religion have come to human beings in this light-from-above quality.

A precondition for receiving it is humility. It asks for faith in that which is yet to come. Michael the Archangel brings us cosmic intelligence so that we may follow him to a heart-centered perception of the world, and receive the outpouring wisdom he makes possible.

by Carol Kelly

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