Being Here

If you could imagine the most incredible story ever, it would be less incredible, than the story of being here. And the ironic thing is that that story is not a story, it is true.   ~John O’Donohue

We live in a world that has been “robbed” of its sacredness. We have become accustomed to the utter, cold indifference of commercialism, buying and selling, banking, and the way it brings life and health, education, farming and the care of the earth, under its spell. The lack of wholeness and holiness go hand in hand. We see the disregard for human life, people of color, immigrants, children, the earth itself and we have to ask, “Is nothing sacred anymore?”

How shall we strive for the Divine Kingdom and its harmonious order? (Matt:6:33) How will the transition come about?

When we come back to the truth of our “being here” and we become quiet enough to feel the unity and the connectedness of all beings, visible and invisible, the healing begins. This is our journey back to God. This is our pilgrimage.

In this light, every exchange of money is nevertheless personal and sacred. Where do things come from? Who made them and how were those people paid? How will this item go back into the earth when we are done with it? Who is sitting behind the cash register? What is that life like? How can I lighten that burden a little today?

Everyone has a gift to give and that is the real exchange. Imagine a world where we worked for the good of the whole. Imagine a world where everyone had enough, where every exchange was a “win/win.“ This does happen in our world. We go to farmers’ markets to try to meet the people who grow our food and we can feel good about that exchange, even though it involves money. We give to the arts or to education and we can feel good about that too.

We can hold human relationships and human conversation in the highest light. Will we allow the iphone to come between us or will we have the courage to put down the phone and cultivate and enjoy fruitful conversation?

Working toward a new order takes courage. The Divine Kingdom and its harmonious order comes about, through the life-affirming, renewing, empowering source of unlimited love that yearns to illuminate every human being. This is the Light of the World, the Being of Christ, the One who makes “being here” significant.

The earth, imbued with the body of Christ, is overwhelmingly abundant. We can walk in this knowledge and without anxiety, pray the effective prayer for world healing, the one that changes us.

by Carol Kelly

Art by Andy Goldsworhty

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