Universal Conscience Awakening

This may be the only time of year when not remembering, not being able to focus or hang on to details, is perfectly harmonious with nature. This is the “high point” in the cycle of the year. Human souls are in fact lifted out in response to the sun’s light and warmth. Every kingdom of nature responds, rises up, gives birth, bears fruit, forms crystals, in this, the sun’s high hour.

For us, the “harvest of humanity” rises up and is offered to the Universe. Whether or not we are conscious of it, our souls offer what they have, both bad and good to the moral forces of the world. We are meant to contribute to the upward streaming all around us in this way.

We are not supposed to fall asleep completely in the dreamlike days of summer. Rather, we are awakening to universal morality, which is less personal and has to do with the whole earth and all of humanity.

We can see this rising everywhere in the news: Our conscience about what is happening at the border, about what we have done and are doing to the earth, about systemic racism, slavery and what we have done to the Native Americans. Although we have a very long way to go, we can see that the conscience about these issues is slowly awakening.

This is a time to develop moral imaginations for the future. How do we do this? There are many ways. 

Here is a simple test written by W.S. Merwin. Consider as you read it, eating some fast food, and then consider taking Communion. See what you discover.

“Guess what you are eating or drinking. Do not stop there. Guess why you are eating or drinking it. Guess what it may do for you. Guess what it was meant to do for you. By whom. When. Where. Why.

Guess where in the course of human evolution you took the first step toward it.

Guess which of your organs recognize it.

Guess whether it is welcomed to their temples.

Guess how it figures in their prayers.

Guess how completely you become what you eat. 

Guess how soon.

Guess at the taste of locusts and wild honey.

Guess at the taste of water.

Guess what the rivers see as they die.

Guess why the babies are burning.

Guess why there is silence in heaven.

Guess why you were ever born.”

This is the time to change our hearts and minds.

by Carol Kelly

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