Good Seeds

When shining “from without” was not enough, when the Father God of the sun was no longer reaching the people, Christ came to the rescue. He united Himself with our innermost being, to counter the pull and weight of materialism. Christ gives Himself to us as “seed.” The “Word of God” has been planted in every human being. We are “Word of God” becoming.

Our work, our responsibility is to tend the soil, the “soul-soil” so that the seed may grow. Imagine that your soul is light-filled, open, receptive, mobile, and free from rocks. This is what is required if the good seed is to grow and flourish.

We may work on this individually as that is our first task. But we also share the soul world with everybody else. There is no real “cutting off” of the world so that it does not influence us. We cannot toss the rest of the world aside; no matter how much antipathy we may have for certain attitudes or actions!

It is like the GMO seeds and the pesticides used on our soil. They blow with the wind and enter our food, deeply affecting our lives and our health, no matter how much we may disapprove of them.

We are cultivating a new world, permeated with Spirit. It is already permeated with Spirit, but human beings do not “accept” it, in the words of John the Evangelist. But if we do not make a place, if we do not create outer forms and inner heart spaces, there will be nothing to replace what is now crumbling and falling away.

Something old is always falling away as something new emerges. But if we are not the ones creating the new, then like weeds in the garden, the Adversary just produces what he wants, and that only leads to more destruction.

We can refuse to participate in those practices and businesses which are destructive. We can bring a new way of thinking about Christ into the world: Christ and reincarnation, Christ and the earth, the Christ-event as the turning point of time.

We can hold the door open for those who are bringing new, creative imaginations into the world, or we can be those who are bringing them.

We are a vital part of an ongoing process. If the seed, which is the “Word of God” is to take root in our hearts, and produce a hundredfold, (Luke: 8-8) then we have to be good stewards of the soul and keep it alive.

by Carol Kelly

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