The Gift

When we go to buy a gift for someone, we think of what they might need or what would give them joy. Maybe we consider what would help them on their spiritual journey.

The beauty of a gift, is that it is an outer sign of something invisible; namely our love and regard for the other person. When we are aware of this, shopping in the material world becomes at best, disappointing; at worst, “dehumanizing.” What has been manufactured with no concept of the spiritual, but only on the basis of greed, has a hollow, even a mocking quality. It brings an inarticulate sadness, throwing us back on what we know deep inside but cannot say, or bring to manifestation in the world.

We stand speechless before the materialism of our time, like Zachariah coming out of the temple, knowing for certain that the Kingdom of God was nearing the earthly world.

What can we do to bear witness to this fact? How can we carry out our ideals and allow the Holy Spirit to help us bring them into reality?

In our lives, if we give to someone repeatedly and they never thank us and never give us anything in return, we eventually give up and stop giving to them. But there is one who continues to bring His gifts to us without pause. He is the one who has said, “Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.”

In the face of all manner of ingratitude, denial and personal egotism, He continues to pour into us His creating might, that we have the possibility to turn and take up our true humanity, our true human becoming.

And that is what we offer in return. Our very best. Our higher selves.

Advent is the time to go deeply into ourselves, to prepare the way and the vessel for the Spirit of Christ in us, to find the one gift that is worthy.

by Carol Kelly

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