“The sun does not only shine where it is,

It is also there, where it shines.”


Where is the sun? Were we to try to look at it we would be “turned away”, so blinding is its light. It turns our gaze away from where we thought it was, to where it shines. It has come to us, to the earth. The sun comes to every human being and living creature, every single day. It takes us into its universal embrace.

The earth is like a kernel, a condensation of matter, a concentration of heavenly forces, drawn into itself, surrounded by cosmic forces, drawing outward. If we were to take the earthly point of view alone, without taking into consideration the whole universe surrounding it, we would arrive at a dire state of consciousness. We can see the state reflected in almost every sphere of our culture. It is called “materialism.”

The interplay of sun and earth meet most beautifully and accurately in the plant. The plant without sun would not exist, and yet, as it is, it shows the perfect balance between sun and earth with no barrier in between. If the plant could speak, it would say, “I will take up the substance of earth and reflect your glory, O sun! ” And that is exactly what it does. There is no darkness of soul, estrangement, denial, no doubt, or selfishness in the plant. Nothing that is “merely earthly in nature.” It has a purity and an innocence. What if we were to do just that?

“Do you seek the highest, the greatest?

The plant can teach you.

What it is involuntarily,

You must be voluntarily.”


The activity between heaven and earth, one drawing outward and one pulling inward, forms a kind of spatial dance, a figure 8. There is a crossing point in the 8 and that point is in each one of us. We have an ego, a higher consciousness.

We can imagine the Sun, in all of its radiant glory, as the Place Christ left in order to come to earth, to us. It is His after-image, His effect, His echo. What the Sun speaks, as the mother-star of our cosmic system, is the Word of Christ:

“I am the light of the world.”

The flaming light of the sun, and blessed light of love, touches us in intimacy without binding us! Through this power, Christ and only Christ, leads us in freedom along the path to the Spirit.

by Carol Kelly

One thought on “Sun

  1. Das Höchste

    Suchst du das Höchste, das Größte? Die Pflanze kann es dich lehren:
    Was sie willenlos ist, sei du es wollend – das ists!

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