A Healing Force

Nicodemus comes to Jesus in the night for fear of being seen by the Jews. He is a high-ranking Pharisee, one who is supposed to know the important truths already.

He takes the first steps, acknowledging that Jesus must come from God and then he begins to ask questions.

He learns that we must come to a new birth through the formative power of the water and the breath of the Spirit. Then Jesus says, “This is already a judgement upon the world, that the light has come into the world and that human beings loved darkness more than light; for their deeds served the powers of evil.” And, “Whoever serves the true nature of existence through His deeds, comes to the light. By their shining radiance his deeds reveal that they have concrete reality in the realm of the Spirit.”

We may have begun to serve the true nature of existence and found out just how difficult that is. We can experience grave disappointment in ourselves, and also in people around us, and in people in general. Darkness prevails in our political and social/ cultural life. The illusion that things are “coming to light” through the media only exacerbates the problem by revealing to us just how dark, darkness can really be.

David Whyte writes on disappointment, “The measure of our courage is the measure of our willingness to embrace disappointment, to turn towards it rather than away…That there is no sincere path that we can follow where we will not be fully and immeasurably let down.”

So instead of worrying over our disappointment we can take small steps:

When we who are supposed to know so much, recognize that there is a higher power and we begin to ask questions.

When we ask ourselves, who or what are my actions serving?

When we work toward the good, along with others.

When we work toward finding win/win solutions.

We begin to see God as a community of persons who have, in their striving, created a “body of Christ” through which He can work. We can openly bear witness to Christ’s presence in daylight. We can become a strengthening, healing force in the world.

by Carol Kelly



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