The Disciples had been on a journey of the highest significance. They had been through various stages of transformation, enlightenment, confusion, exceeding joy and exceeding pain – the pain of the crucifixion made a thousand times greater through lack of understanding.

Then Easter comes and they experience the Risen One, walking with them, appearing to them, again and again. They begin to wonder if this is how it will be now; if this will be the new earth reality.

But then He departs again, in a different way, into the realm of the clouds. And they have no way to understand this! Rudolf Steiner describes their pain in the following way:

“The suffering of Christ’s disciples was beyond all telling, because Christ had vanished from their sight. And out of this pain, out of infinite sorrow, there sprang what we call the “Mystery of Pentecost.”

In the world we have much hardship. Our pain and sorrow is made a thousand times greater by our lack of understanding. We can experience moments of great joy, beyond words or measure, when the “heavens break open” and we feel that the Spiritual world has touched us in some way. These moments come rarely: When a child is born, when we fall in love, when we have the humbling realization that someone or many have made a great sacrifice for us. Eventually though, we return to our “normal lives” which we think of as ordinary because we do not take them seriously! Life is a spiritual path. 

We have immeasurable suffering in our lives. We suffer with and for our brothers and sisters in many other countries in the world. And our suffering comes because we think we have lost, or do not find, or cannot believe in Christ’s Being. We do not “understand” what is going on. It has lost all meaning.

What would give you greater joy, relief, peace, right now, than a complete understanding of what was going on? In any given situation? In your life or in the world?

The Comforter, The Holy Spirit, The Giver of Spirit Courage gives us an illumination, like lightning at night, to get a glimpse of the whole picture, to receive the healing power of understanding. There is a Universal Truth which sustains itself and unites us all. Our humble openness creates a vessel to receive it.

by Carol Kelly


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