The Eye of the I

We are walking on a living, breathing organism called “earth.” Only we do not just walk upon it, we walk “within” it, within its atmosphere. We live within the interplay of sun, moon, wind, water, warmth, rising and falling. We cannot simply be earth creatures without breathing in the whole cosmos.

At Ascension we are drawn out into the warmth and beauty of nature. The clouds give us reason to look up, drawing our attention away from ourselves and our current condition to a place where there is a different perspective. In their magnificent position, these billowing bundles of floating water-vapor and dust lend us shade, rainfall, protection and beauty.

Christ has ascended, from a physical body, to the periphery, where He is able to mediate for us between heaven and earth, in the sphere of the  clouds. He brings our consciousness with Him, if we are willing, from the “smallness” of our individual selves, to a wider perspective. In this place, we can breathe a little. We can see the clouds from “both sides now.”

The peripheral consciousness is connected to the Divine Feminine. The wisdom we can receive at Whitsun is prepared for by our openness to all that is happening around us at this time. The tendency to “space out” and get “spring fever” has to be balanced by our own active awareness. Like the lines of the song: “You can survive the hurricane but only if you stand in the eye, ” we can survive the troubled times that we’re in, only if we stand in our own “I,” our highest self, with all of our forces remaining calm at the center. We have to keep ourselves from losing ourselves in cosmic bliss or in earthly troubles. We are right in the middle of it, and we are the key players.
by Carol Kelly

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