Our First Love

Our mother gives us the first experience of love. She is our introduction into the world of earth. In her soul she can say to her children, ” You came from me. I gave you life. You were in my breathing and in my heartbeat. I nurtured you with my body, held you, loved you immediately and fully and immeasurably.

We were one.

We knew each other before we were born.

We came down to earth to know and love one another.

Each one of us walks on the earth, surrounded by the blue mantle of the sky (the mantle of Mary). The earth on which we walk is Christ’s body and the air we breathe is His breath of life. We see in His light, we walk in His warmth. The Sun rays down to us as the announcement of His Holy Spirit.

The sacrifice that He made, that every mother makes in a smaller way, is the one that lets us become aware of our own self and spirit, so that we may become Spirit out of our own striving, our of our own free will.

As parents we mirror Divine Love. We learn self-sacrifice in ways we never dreamed possible. We learn to be there, to not be there, to accept rejection, even “oblivion” from our children. We transform. We learn to let go.

We love our children as Christ loves us, out of infinite kindness. How can we resist or reject this love?

That our parents or our parenting is not perfect is not the point. It is that we take the lessons that we have received and move on with them. Of course we shrink from and are often dismayed by the very high ideal that God has set before us.

Everything and everyone on Earth is is the process of transformation. Don’t get stuck. Find the moments of perfection, the manifestations of His loving kindness in each day. Let the love of Christ flow through you like a pure, clear stream. Let gratitude be the order of the day.

by Carol Kelly


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