What is Hidden

Nothing that is meaningful, or worthy, or valuable in the world, is actually visible.  What is important is not the thing itself, nor the name of the thing, nor its molecular structure. What is hidden behind a countenance, between the lines of poetry, behind the work of art, within the shape of seashell and blossom, is closer to the true nature of its being.

What is not apparent to us, is hidden for a reason. It does want to be discovered, but not by just anybody, any old way. It wants to be known by someone who will take the time to appreciate it: Someone who will put the effort into understanding it. And this is also the case with people. We don’t just give ourselves away. We wait until we trust someone. We make them come to us a little bit. We let them ask questions.

We can imagine then, that God waits too, for our questions. Christ has come so close to human beings that He became one of us, and then disappeared in us. So we have to find Him. He would not let Himself be “known” to just anybody, although everybody has received an invitation.  We are called upon to be more than our names, our jobs, our molecular structure. We are to find what is hidden in ourselves, in every person and in every small thing and raise it up. This would be a new resurrection for our time: Finding Christ in every human being, in every living thing and in the earth itself.
by Carol Kelly

One thought on “What is Hidden

  1. Thanks Carol, your words are very timely to me at this exact time….I’m so happy that you are right here!
    Love to you, to all, Susan

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