Easter Morning- The New Day

The sun rose this morning on dew-studded grasses, blossoming trees, on slugs, on landfills, graffiti, broken glass and broken people sleeping on sidewalks. It rose and brought a new day. It “beholds” the world with love: so distant and yet, right into your heart if you let it.

This is the love of Christ. He loves unconditionally every human being. But today He walks among human beings, mostly “homeless” because hearts, minds and doors are closed.

Today is the day we become truly human. Today the light penetrates our deepest darkness, our deepest sorrow, our coldness and our tiredness and says, “Arise!”     “Behold, I make all things new.”

Christ is in our breathing and in our blood. He is alive in us where we are alive: In openness and wonder, between two people in relationship, where we are trying to change our habits and old behaviors.

He redefines what it means to be human by infusing us with what is eternal.

 We can think of all of the things we already know which are “eternal” and not material: Stories, music, characters we love in plays, poetry, geometry. The mime artist creates a “wall” and we see it! She is “locked in” and we feel it! She finds a “key” and opens a “door” and steps out and we are relieved! Can we really say that nothing happened? It was “more than real.”

The spiritual in the world is revealed to us by our willing devotion and our loving heart. We are called to rise up this morning, and every morning, and bring our higher selves into the earthly world and raise it up.

by Carol Kelly


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