Before Abraham was, I am

“Before Abraham was, I am”  JOHN 8:58

“Spring can be the most difficult season of the year, catching us between the rising tide of life and the damp caverns of memory that lie among the sleepy roots of our being. It is time to attend the soil that has lain fallow for many months – we are, after all, animated ground. April can be an agitating month, leaving us to ride out this new, insistent life from places inside us never before reached. ” Marv & Nancy Hiles

We are coming alive again, and as this reading suggests, it can be a somewhat painful process. We have a tendency to get stuck, to stay fixed in our ideas, our perceptions, our feelings – even in our beliefs. We wake up one day and feel like “it’s just another day” or like our lives are not taking us anywhere.

Goethe once said, “Nothing is more important than this day.” Do we live that as a reality? If we are honest, we would have to admit that we often do not. And so life stirs us, it shakes us up and agitates us so that we will awaken to what is all around us. People die and babies are born, storms bring down trees as the weather swings from almost winter to not-quite-summer day to day.

Changes create spaces within us and in these new spaces, light can enter, and often that brings “insight.”

Insight is not sight. Insight is seeing into, seeing differently that you had before. Insight is seeing things and people you thought you knew, from a new angle. It brings connections to other parts of your soul and your world view so that you are able to make whole what has been separated through the fact of your incarnation.

You see into life’s rhythms and patterns

You see what plants are saying to us.

You see how death is a part of life.

Insight informs us and makes us better human beings, never worse. It is seeing something which is already there, which was THERE all along, before you thought it, before you realized it. It is seeing into the truth of something or someone. This truth has been and ever shall be, yes, even before Abraham was.

By Carol Kelly


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  1. Tina, Are there archived pieces as well? If so, how to access? Thank you, Beth Elizabeth Knox 7108 Holly Ave. Takoma Park, MD 20912

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