The Good Seed

“It is strange to be here. The mystery never leaves you alone.  Behind your image, below your words, above your thoughts, the silence of another world waits. A world lives within you.  No one else can bring you news of this inner world.

If we become addicted to the external, our interiority will haunt us. We will become hungry with a hunger no image, person or deed can still. To be wholesome, we must remain truthful to our vulnerable complexity.  In order to keep our balance, we need to hold the interior and exterior, visible and invisible, known and unknown, temporal and eternal, ancient and new, together. No one else can undertake this task for you. You are the one and only threshold of an inner world. This wholesomeness is holiness.

To be holy is to be natural; to befriend the worlds that come into balance in you. Behind the facade of image and distraction, each person is an artist in this primeval and inescapable sense. Each one of us is doomed and privileged to be an inner artist who carries and shapes a unique world.”

        from Anam-Cara; Celtic Wisdom by John O’Donahue

These words of wisdom are calling to the inside of the “seed’ in us. Like the light and warmth of the sun, they beckon. We are walking around, most of the time, like seeds unplanted; like we’re OK just the way we are, with the dead husks presenting as who we really are.

 But clearly, something needs to fall away…many things actually, again and again, so that new life can come about. We have to be willing to let go. We have to let go of the dramas we love so well, the ones we nurture and perpetuate, the stories we make up about ourselves, others and the world.

The parable of the sower shows us the seed is the Word of God. Those on the path are those who indeed hear the word, but from whose hearts the adversarial powers take it away again, so that they shall not find salvation through the power of faith. Those on the rock are those who receive the word joyfully when they hear it, but they do not take root; for a while the power of the Word lives in their hearts, but then, when other influences rise up, they go off on other ways. Those in the thorns, they are the ones who indeed hear the word, but in whom it is choked and prevented from bearing fruit by their concern about earthly belongings and by the cravings and wishes of earthly life. Those in the good earth, they are the ones who receive the word with a harmonious and good heart and keep it alive and patiently tend it there until it bears fruit.” (Luke 8: 5-15)

If we are to have a good and harmonious heart, we have to remove the worn out old grievances and be willing to start anew each day. The old hurts and jealousies and anger are like weeds; constant, insidious, and abounding. But in the garden, the weeds are necessary. They actually balance the soil!  So we can say, “thank you,” before we uproot them and toss them out. No need to hate them or feel guilty about their presence in our garden.

Our “soul weeds” serve much the same purpose. They are trying to bring about a balance in our souls. We can only become aware of our imbalances by their presence. Then we can let them go and not nurture them. Much easier said than done!

 The warmth and the call of Spring gives us new hope, new energy to try again. We can do this! We can clear our souls and make space for the good seed again. With  harmonious and good hearts, let us shape our world.  May the Word grow strong and bear fruit, a hundredfold.

by Carol Kelly


3 thoughts on “The Good Seed

  1. Excellent work, Rev! I believe Donahue served as an ordained priest for a good portion of his adult life, also

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