The Light in the Darkness

“Whoever does not unite with my Being is against me and my Being. And whoever does not work for inner composure, he divides and scatters.” Luke 11: 23

We are distracted. It almost seems as if there is a “force” trying to divide and scatter us; as a nation, as a family unit, as a whole person. We have to really work for inner composure, inner calm. The situation we find ourselves in requires it.

Carl Jung once said, “the unconscious always tries to produce an impossible situation in order to force the individual to bring out his very best. ”

We could say that the unconscious is doing a great job right now; creating “impossible situations” in many different places, in order to bring out our very best. Like being confronted by a wild animal, we are much better off not trying to run away. Running away is never really successful. And when facing great danger, the best thing is not to run, but to remain calm, become profoundly attentive, and not to identify as a “victim.” 

It is natural for us to want to distract ourselves, to run. There seems to be a force, driving us toward ever more and more distraction! Why is that? What is there to gain and by whom? That which divides and scatters is tearing us apart as a culture and as individuals.  Distraction keeps us form asking from the heart: “Holy Father, what is your will?”

How can we hear the answer with headphones on?

We have to become profoundly attentive and not feel ourselves to be “victims.” And then we are empowered to go forth, in love, the best we can. The forces of love are inexhaustible. We never grow tired of loving or of being loved. We only grow tired of being unloved, of the non-recognition of who we truly are. Even then, when we have our ground in the Spirit, when we know who we are and what we are doing, we have the truest peace, the light in the darkness. That is the place within us which is united with His Being.

by Carol Kelly


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