Immortal Diamond

I am all at once what Christ is, since He was what I am and
This Jack, joke, poor potsherd, patch, matchwood immortal diamond,
Is immortal diamond.

Gerard Manley Hopkins has put the highest mystery perfectly in these few lines. Christ has unified His Being with the human being, with the Higher part, which needs a kind of earthly “schooling.”

The trials we face, the temptations we endure, the pressure we live with every day, forms the “immortal diamond” in us; the true Human Being.

We can see that human beings have tremendous creative potential. We can also see that they use it both ways; for destructive and constructive purposes. It depends on the “story” that they tell themselves about what is going on here. It depends upon who they are listening to, and that includes angels and devils alike.

The Adversary Beings abound here on earth. It is here where they have their home. So we are always under their influence and always being “pulled” to one side or another. But we can also feel that temptation comes from without, not from within. Even when we “hear voices” they are not our voices, they come from elsewhere. This is an important realization. We are not evil, but evil tries to overcome us, but also to strengthen us against itself. Like an infection that we heal from, we come out stronger for having had it.

We are pulled in two directions and the aim for us is to maintain our balance in all things. One direction encourages all that is grandiose, vain, prideful in us. We feel the need to judge ourselves or others, to pronounce them “good” or “bad.” This tendency shows us where we are not centered. In our essential being, we have no need to do this. We simply describe and search for the truth of things, without the need to judge them. That is balance.

The other pole is total materialism: Thinking that all that exists is what our senses can grasp here on earth. We work from a “sub-human” perspective when we are pulled too far in this direction. This leads us to inhuman practices in the work place, (factories and coal mines for example) to disregard for the human being in health care, education, the production and pollution of our food, our earth and water. There is hardly a corner of our modern world where materialism has not crept in.

We can see these two poles everywhere, dividing people, making the truth of things harder and harder to discern. But that is our work! We have to stand a little apart from the world, to take hold of our own essential being, and find our “inner warrior.” This inner leadership becomes possible because Christ has united Himself with THIS part of us, that we may become the “immortal diamond” we are meant to become.
by Carol Kelly

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