The Light Itself

That God had a plan I have no doubt-

But what if His plan was, that we would do better?”    ~Mary Oliver

In these days, when so many of us ask the question, “how did we get here?” we can have the feeling that we might have “done better.” We are waking up to the fact that some things have been rolling right along while we were otherwise occupied: Waters, seeds, lands and people have been secretly and openly poisoned. The rich have amassed unprecedented wealth, people have been evicted from houses and have taken to living on the streets, prices of health care have soared while Europe and Canada have figured out how to take care of their people without insurance.

We are facing some distressing truths about our country and at the same time, an amazing and wonderful movement is underway. Millions of people have awakened like a sleeping giant and are taking to the streets in protest. The “invisible” revolution is on. People who are working for a better world, in which every human life is precious and matters, are everywhere. We begin to recognize one another. We have decided to “do better.”

We face a formidable enemy. This work will demand courage, steadfastness and  unfailing optimism. We will have to listen very closely for the Will of God, lest we be drawn into the fray in the wrong way. Humility is the order of the day. Let us ask for grace and insight as we bring calm truth and healing love to the situation.  We are not alone. The spiritual world is trying to work with us. They only need to hear that we are with them.

…The light itself is listening, Spotless with love.  ~Juan Ramon Jimenez

by Carol Kelly





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