Grace in Dark Times

In the short Epistle in the Sacrament at Epiphany a word shines out like a star: GRACE. Six time it shines through: star of grace, light of grace, grace appearance of the world’s light. Epiphany, epi-phanos, means shining -forth. Epiphany is the shining forth of the Grace of Christ, the Grace of the shining forth of Christ. The Magi had the capacity to see that shining forth in the form of a star in the heavenly heights, and the capacity to understand its significance. They were Magi.

Where is the shining forth of Christ today, 2017? Does that Grace evolve, change, develop? How about ourselves: is humankind wiser than 2000 years ago? In some ways it appears to be going in another direction, into darker times, easily overcast. One doesn’t need Rudolph Steiner’s research to experience that we are living in the most materialistic culture and consciousness, the most egotistic culture of all time. Spiritually Mother Teresa experienced this, particularly in the west, and in her own inner long, dark night of the soul. Spiritually we are very poor. We are not Magi. We are not even Shepherds. We are beggars.
The beautiful Christmas carol “In the Bleak MIdwinter” resounds deeply in many souls:

What can I give him, poor as I am. If I were a shepherd

I would bring a lamb. If I were a wise man I would do my part.

What can I give him? I give Him my heart.

In our circumstance, what a sign, what a light can shine-forth in and out of our darkness! The GRACE, the power of Grace to give Christ our hearts. As God gave his heart in Christ, we NOW have the amazing grace, IN OUR POVERTY, NOT TO ASK OF HIM, TO GIVE HIM OUR HEARTS. In a bleak time may this shine forth to the world, this GRACE, this morning star of Grace; may the world see our hearts belong to Christ.
That is Epiphany.

by Richard Dancey



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