The Word

In the very beginning was the word. 

And the word was with God.

And the word was a God.

He was in the very beginning with God. 

All things came into Being through Him, 

And nothing of all that has come into being 

was made except through Him.   (Prologue: Gospel of John)

The Word, which created the world, is still speaking. It is speaking to us all the time, all around us, continually revealing the Divine harmonious order of the Universe; beauty, symmetry, spirals, waves, rhythm, birth-growth-death-rebirth, and the wonder of infinite snowflakes. Everything in nature reveals something to our senses and to our thinking, if we choose to think about it.

How does the “soul” of nature speak to the human soul? What is its language? The world of color. Color is a medium through which our souls meet the soul of the world. The blue of the surrounding sky has as effect on us. It speaks of the darkening of the light. It is comforting, peaceful, expansive. It seems to protect us and indeed, our atmosphere is part of that protection. We could consider what we receive in the red of the rose, the green grass, the yellow buttercup or the golden leaves of autumn. We connect to nature through its beauty. We connect. That means that something within us finds a resonance, or a relationship to something “out there.”  And we are moved by it because it is also within us.

We raise our sense of beauty and goodness to great heights at this time of year: We decorate our houses and trees, we light candles, hear choirs singing, maybe even sing ourselves, go to concerts, see works of art on cards and in churches. We raise ourselves up through art. Believers and non-believers alike attend Christmas concerts, behold the lights, stand before the great works of art.

What is going on? Art is a language, in its many forms. It brings our humanity to a higher level than the normal, everyday activities of our lives. We find ourselves called, or reminded, of our own divinity, of our true place in the scheme of things.

This has a moral effect. Consider the crime rate of famous musicians, artists, sculptors, singers, dancers. I cannot think of one. Imagine if every person were encouraged and allowed to be creative…

True human connection, true humanity rises up, appalled at what is happening in world events today. Our true selves would create a much different world. The change begins with our reclaiming what has been long forgotten. Christmas is a wonderful time to begin.

by Carol Kelly


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