A New Humanity

The fourteenth chapter in the Book of Revelations speaks of the creation of “a new humanity” which belongs to God and to the Lamb.

We are in process. We have been evolving all this time and here we find ourselves, in shock and disappointment over how slow it’s going, how “undeveloped” we still seem to be. The beautiful thing here is the “we.” No people on earth have ever  felt the “we” like we do now. Nobody has ever had the information, the relationships, the contact and instant communication with others all over the world, as we do now.

At this point, we are talking about a very big “we” right here in America. Some of us want to include every single human being who is here. And we want to create a better world, out of a conscious commitment coming out of very individual people, toward the whole. This is a commitment to life as something sacred, vulnerable, precious and worthy of protection.

We needed a wake up call and now we have it.  We are just beginning to be attentive to all the injustices going on around us, from the way people speak about one another, to the basic rights we call “human rights.”  People are taking to the streets again, finding one another in conversation, trying to figure out a way to allow everyone to be heard, while preserving our freedom.

So there is a gift in the shattering of our hope. There is a gift in our disappointment. This is the beginning of a new humanity. Everyone is invited.

Every real conversation involves having our hearts broken somewhere along the way and there is no sincere path we can follow where we will not be fully and immeasurably let down and brought to earth, and where what initially looks like a betrayal, eventually puts real ground under our feet.                                                                                                                                                    ~David Whyte


by Carol Kelly



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