Rider on the White Horse

Outside our house at Colesville the cars rush by; on the beltway, the cars stream; this city and culture are automobile-driven. Try to imagine all of them gone and in their place we were riding horses. That was the reality not that long ago.

What a different quality of life!  Horses. What noble, beautiful souls-their form, their uprightness, the way they hold their heads, their manes, their eyes, the beauty of their trot, their gallop. And the human being, with reins in hand, moving, carried by the grace of their power.

Rembrandt  captured some of this: the human being on horse in The Polish Rider.What does this image point to-rider on horse? Rider on the white horse? The human being and a great being, a mighty, beautiful being moving together in unison and harmony.

Who is this Mighty BEing so wonderfully revealed in the picture, in the being of the horse? Here is but one pondering of this Michaelic Question.

We think that the Intelligence, the thinking consciousness, the power of thinking, of moving through our lives, through that power, we can too easily think that power is ours. Our possession. Even, our creation. These are my thoughts. This is my idea. This is my intellectual property.

That we can think and through thinking come to understanding, to insight, to knowing–that we can receive ideas, order and plan our lives, choose goals and actions, discern, question, create…that we can do all of this and more, is given to us, in and through the grace of being able to think.  It is a GREAT GRACE.

We live and move and have our being and becoming through the grace of that power entrusted to us by the creating powers of the universe, given to us by God, laid in our hands by the Archangel of our time. It is a power to care for, to respect, to care for as we would care for the white horse. It is a power to learn how to handle properly, firmly but gently, to learn how to guard and guide that which moves upright and free.

That is the Call of Michael: to care for the White Horse, to recognize and take good, good care of the grace and power of thinking, placed in our hands.

by Richard Dancey


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