The Power to Permeate

In the Christian Community’s Sacrament of Baptism, WATER is brought to the forehead of the child, above and between the eyes, forming a triangle, as the words are spoken, “This shall be no common water. It shall be the all-permeating power of the spirit.” What does it mean: to permeate?  It is the power to flow into, to enter fully into the body, the form, the whole being of another, without imposing, intruding, interfering; the power to be able to be fully absorbed, to disappear into the other, to take on the form of the other, to be taken in by the substances of the other.
Water gives itself fully and freely to the plant, the soil, the air, the animal, the human being, uniting with them for the Life, for the Good of the Other.Where water flows and permeates, Life lives.Where not, there is no Life.
That power, the all permeating power of the spirit, revealed in water in all the ways it permeates earth existence, that power we bring to the forehead, to that center of thinking consciousness of the child being baptized, with the hope, intention and prayer that the child’s thinking, as it grows and develops, becomes this pure, clear, clean, free, flowing spiritual activity, flowing into the people in its life, into the beings of nature, into the life of the world, flowing from the child, the spiritual being the child is.

Every baptism is a Michaelmas Event.

That is the kind of thinking consciousness the Archangel calls us to, encourages us, beckons us towards. Michael does not, will not, cannot force us, compel us to think in this way. It is totally against his nature and the thinking he so wants us to learn. It has to be free, out of our own, freely chosen activity. He says to us, looking at us straight in the eye,” Come, Human Being, YOU CAN DO THIS! You can learn to think, free and clear, letting it flow out of the I, the spiritual being, you are.”
And when we do do this, when we work on doing this: streaming out our thinking attention into the other, pure and simple, without prejudgement, without personal agenda, seeking to understand by letting them reveal who they are out of themselves, when we do this, Michael and the heavenly forces upon the earth, can stream their Christ-re-enlivening forces of life, their transforming, transfusing healing, health-bringing power into our thinking, into and through our spiritual activity, into the other, into human beings, into the beings of nature, into the dramas of our destinies, into this culture and time.
 And whenever and wherever that happens, it is Michaelmas.

by Richard Dancey


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