The Gospel of the Albatross

Observe intently the birds of the air.   ~from Matthew 6

When my 99-year-old father was a young man, he was a marine officer in the Pacific during WWII. He described to me what it was like to be on a destroyer, its mighty engines at full-speed ahead, plowing through the massive waves, sensing all that power generated, all that WILL-force propelling the propellers, and then to look up and see an albatross, its great wings spread wide, effortlessly gliding, without a beat of its wings, just effortlessly gliding beside, carried by the wind beneath its wings. It was always a good sign to see an albatross traveling with you.

On the seas of our lives, moving through the sometimes mighty waves of our destinies, and the dramas and struggles of our time, it is good to remember the gospel of the albatross.

May of Peace of Christ accompany us and may we remember to look up and see the power of His Presence and Grace. May we lift up our thoughts and feelings to His Spirit and feel that Spirit, carrying us, as the wind beneath our wings.

by Richard Dancey


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