Christ Ripening


One of the great life-processes in the world of nature that has been happening in August and is happening right now in gardens, fields, vineyards and orchards is largely hidden. Through all of the more dramatic outer weather, the blistering heat, the summer storms, through all of the days and nights of summer, now moving into fall, this process proceeds in its own silent, unassuming way–the fruit ripens, the seeds mature. The plants make their inner way toward harvest. They don’t expand. They may appear to do nothing. They are actually pouring all of their forces, and all they receive from the earth and heavens, into the fruit and seed: they GROW-IN.

It is a true picture of a human/Christ soul-spirit process. It is a picture of our hidden, unassuming inner life: our day/in, day/out activity of prayer, the essence of that activity–gratitude and praise; it is our contemplative, meditative practices, however modest; it is our inner-activity working with and through the outer and inner dramas of our destinies.

All that is caring for, cultivating, ripening the fruits and seeds we may be able to offer to other human beings, to the life and soul of our mother the earth, the harvest we can bring her; it is the nourishment and sweetness, and future creating potential we can offer to the angels and those who have died. Almost all of that is hidden, esoteric, and of great value, vital, priceless treasure to the spiritual world and the life of the world.

And there is an even more hidden, deeper esoteric. All of that hidden unassuming, modest, honest inner activity of prayer, meditation, soul-working with and through our destinies–we know, that does not just happen by itself. We know, we need to do it. To choose to do it, to remember to do it, and to do it. Which means, all of that is the fruit and seed of FREEDOM in us and through us into the life of the world. All of that is CHRIST RIPENING in us, working in and through us for the life and the future of the life of the world.  

by Richard Dancey


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