Healing the Eye of the Soul

The blind beggar on the road to Jericho did not let Christ Jesus pass by. He cried out and cried out louder. Jesus stops and the life-changing meeting occurs. People can speak today of such life-changing “Christ Experiences” often in near-death experiences. People can have the deep desire for such “Christ Encounters.” But is this picture of the blind beggar pointing to something more? Something, in a way, more modest and basic. Something, in another way, incredible and much, much greater than such encounters.
Christ no longer walks on the roads of the Holy land incarnate in Jesus of Nazareth. Where is He?  In a sense, He has disappeared into the earth, into humanity, uniting with the whole earth and all human beings. If we had the developing capacities to perceive this it would be self-evident. The earth is now the Christ-Earth. Humanity is now  Christ-Humanity. That is the Reality in which we now live. How can we see this? Or, what is the blindness that prevents our seeing this?
 It isn’t a physical blindness. It is a blindness of the soul. The Eye of the Soul needs healing. Human beings need to see the BEing of Love Divine, the BEing of the First of LOve, creative of Being, the Being Christians point to with the word “Christ”-this Being is now with us, ALL THE TIME; this BEing is now in us, ALL THE TIME; this Being is now between us, ALL THE TIME. What is Love/Divine, what is Christ offering, saying, on this day, in this situation, in this circumstance…every unique day, specific  night, day in, day-out? What is Christ wanting to create, in our and through our soul’s creating, in and out of every circumstance?  Can we see that?
 In fact, can we begin to see our lives, other people, ourselves, the earth’s life, see all things-in and through THE LIGHT OF CHRIST SHINING OUT FROM OUR EYES? That is what Paul says All Creation is waiting for expectantly, for the Sons and Daughters of God to begin the shine. That is the healing of that soul blindness: CHRIST’S LIGHT IN OUR DAYLIGHT. Christ’s Light shining out from our eyes, from our I’s.
That is what we work on, in an unassuming, modest, but mighty way, in the activity, Spirit-Soul-Life-Sensible activity of celebrating the Act of Consecration of Man, ever anew and ever more: the HEALING OF THE EYE OF THE SOUL, THE CREATING OF HEALTH-BRINGING CHRIST POWER IN HOW WE SEE.
 From altars around the world, we send it out, we shine it out, that healing medicine, into the darknesses and blindnesses of our culture and time. We seek out of our deepest heart’s desire, out of our own free will, to become, ever more and more, bearers of the medicine that makes  whole, bearers of Christ’s Spirit-Light, His Healing, Health-bringing Power.    
by Richard Dancey

2 thoughts on “Healing the Eye of the Soul

  1. What a Riff, dear Richard! ….great JAzz….great MusiC….your writing…your testimony, would have made Lord Buckley proud….Thank you!

  2. Thank you, Richard Dancey, for these words- ringing so true! With gratitude for your clarity , your work and the healing all these good thoughts can bring- so needed in this world!~ blessings, Kristin Ramsden

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