The Gospel According to Lucy

A dog has adopted Margaret and myself. Her name is Lucy: part black lab, part Newfoundlander, 13 years old, a massive dog with a bad back right leg. Lucy has her issues:storms, sirens, and the 4th of July terrify her. Her world is quite limited to the house and the backyard.

And yet, with all of these challenges, constraints and burdens, every morning she is rarin’ to go, to bound out into the backyard, the same old backyard, so interested, so excited–to see, to sniff out what she will find…a rabbit, a bird, who knows what all her nose discovers. She does a kind of somersault, head first, stretching out, scratching her back, reveling in the morning dew.

That is the gospel according to Lucy: the world, your world, however small and circumscribed, your condition, however compromised and challenging…take them on, take them in, take them up with energy, with invigorating interest. Live Life, Choose Life, Choose Destiny with a Full Amen, with an unmistakable, unequivocal YES.

That is Christ’s Way, Christ’s Truth, Christ’s Life.  

                                                      by  Richard Dancey


One thought on “The Gospel According to Lucy

  1. So lovely to read this as I sit up at Mom’s house in New Hampshire; thank you Richard. Also, I’m a little bummed out that my TESOL class Saturday schedule keeps me away from your “Christ In Us” Saturday workshops. I’ll be there in Spirit. Love to all, Susan

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