What Then Must We Do?

       The people ask John the Baptist, “What then must we do?”  Many people in this country,  through the tragic events of the week following July 4th, are asking this burning question, “What then must we do?”

        What do we do?

        We bring all of this and this burning question to the altar.

        The words and melody of  a spiritual  sound out this act:

                             Come ye disconsolate, where’er ye languish.

                            Come to the mercy seat, fervently still.

                            Here bring your broken heart.  Here bring your anguish.

                            Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.

            We come here to help the angels bring that healing. We come here to ask the angels to help us see through the earthly to the spirit, to see through the sensible to the supersensible spheres  above  and below, to the might of the adversaries, to the heavenly forces upon the earth.

           We come here to turn to the archangel of our time, to the guiding spirits of our land, to our great spirit-brother, IOANNES, to help us spiritually understand this drama and our part–how we are alive and work in this story, in this moment of the great story, where many of us can sense deep in our hearts, that we are called upon to face ourselves and to meet one another like never before, where we are called upon to face the mystery of good and evil like never before. 

           We come here longing for Christ, offering ourselves and our lives, that we become, ever more and more, bearers of His healing medicine, His powers of soul, His forces of life, His aims of spirit, His Fire of Love.          

by Richard Dancey


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