A New Day Dawns

John 5:31-38

If I alone were appearing as my own witness, my testimony would be without truth; but there is another who bears witness to me, and I know that the testimonial he gives me is the full truth. You sent messengers to John, and he gave valid testimony. But human testimony is not enough for me, for I want you to find salvation through my word. He was the burning and shining lamp, and there was nothing you wanted more than to bask for a while in that light. But I have a weightier testimony that than of John. The deeds which the Father has given me to accomplish, the deeds which I fulfill, they testify for me that the Father has sent me. And so the Father who sent me himself testifies to me. You have never heard his voice or seen his form. The Word which proceeds from him does not live in your souls, for you do not open yourselves to him whom he has sent.


After night, a new day dawns. From darkness comes light that gradually brightens. With this dawn, we awaken and we can see.

The events in the world these last days, weeks and months have thrown our souls into what can feel like a never-ending night. It seems we are surrounded by perpetual darkness. In this state, we often ask, “Where is the light? Where is the good in all this?”

With this question, however, we are missing something essential. The darkness itself. The darkness is calling to us to look at it and really see it. The darkness can tell us what the world is crying out for. This night of the soul is asking for witnesses, people to be in the world, people to see.

Are we willing to behold the darkness, in the world around us, in ourselves?

The time is over to bask in the light of another’s witness. We are being asked to witness with our full being, all of us, to the world and one another, to ourselves.

The first step, saying I am willing, calls the light to us and prepares us for deeds. To stand beside, to see, to testify to truth – these deeds are deeds of light, each one a flame that grows as our deeds grow, as we stand beside one another in our act of witnessing.

Each one’s witness to the soul’s darkness contributes to a dawn in the spirit that, with our courage, can grow into the brightness of the day.

Yes, so be it.

by Emma Heirman


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