In the Spirit World

The Spirit world is in fact revealed to us; it is always open. Could we suddenly become as sensitive as is necessary, we should perceive ourselves to be in its midst. What are the methods for healing our present deficient condition? Formerly they were fasts and moral purification; now maybe invigoration.

~ Novalis

In this high point of summer, we are lifted out of our heaviness into the atmosphere of light and warmth. The whole world around us becomes a “greenhouse.” Everything grows, ripens, matures in the heat and sunlight.

How is it for us? We are, as Novalis says, “in the midst of the Spirit world.” We are also lifted up, lifted out of our worldly heaviness for a time. We feel the “release” of summer so that we may be “invigorated” anew. We are surrounded by the spiritual world! It is all around us. We are “lifted up into it!” This should give us a new perspective. And  new perspectives usually bring change.

When we go to the sea or the lake for “recreation” in the summer, we are really seeking “re-creation.” So that when we come back to our lives, to our own destiny, we can take it on with the life and strength received with an open heart in the warm spirit-embrace of summer.


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