The Wind Blows Where it Will

On June 21st, my wife Margaret and I attended a special evening at the Czech Embassy honoring a Korean Pastor and his wife for their work helping over 70 orphan children that had escaped from North Korea. The event was sponsored by The Isabella Foundation created by Dr. Pavel Klein and his wife Susan, a member of our community. This week we have had our Summer Day Camp: 17 children, Michael Judge, Ingrid Hass, three of our youth: Lucy, Linus, and Nathan, and Carol and myself. These thoughts have come through these two events, which may seem so worlds apart, and are, and at the same time are so deeply connected.

The earth is now divided into nations: The United States of America, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, North Korea, and so many others. If you look from the air or satellite, you do not see this. There are no lines, no borders to be seen. For animals and plants there are no nations. There is only the earth. The divisions are human creations, creations of human consciousness. We may then put up walls, fences, borders…but they are sensible expressions of a supersensible, spiritual reality.

But all of that changes radically when you move from the land to the air, the atmosphere. There, there is not only no sensible divisions, there is no Chinese air, no Syrian air, no South Korean air. It is clear: the atmosphere is one, indivisible realm that is in constant movement. The air above one country cannot be held. It is in constant movement. The air is always moving around the earth ever anew, completely open and receptive to the light and warmth coming from the sun and to the unseen stream of waters rising from below. It is one, universal element.

Christ brings to us this clear revelation: when it come to our elemental, essential humanity, we are One, in Spirit. We are all born of God. And born of God’s Spirit, like the wind, we are, in our essential, elemental humanity Free and to be so seen and treated by one another, rejoiced in with one another as the free spirit-beings we are.

That is the Kingdom, the Commonwealth of Christ, the “Beloved Community” of Martin Luther King, we are all called to work on  and for and within: to make that Spiritual Reality a sensible earth reality. What a Calling! To be and become citizens of the Kingdom of The Spirit.

by Richard Dancey


2 thoughts on “The Wind Blows Where it Will

  1. If you also see the elements in mandala form as connected to the human sheathes/bodies (as in earth-water-air-fire being equivalent to physical-astral-etheric-I) the air is related to the etheric. IN that sense, the air/atmosphere is the like the etheric body of the earth, and Christ is supposed to ‘reappear in the etheric’ – as it has here for you, in this thought you’ve share with us
    Thank you for this image!

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