Infinite Expectation

We must learn to reawaken

and keep ourselves awake, not

by mechanical aids, but by an

infinite expectation of the dawn,

which does not forsake us

in our soundest sleep.

~Henry David Thoreau

I was in a conversation with my agnostic, intellectual nephew. He says, “What proof do you have that there is a God?”

I say, “Besides everything there is you mean?”

And he looks perturbed. He says people can just as easily “pretend” that there is a God as pretend that there isn’t one. To him, it does not make any difference, except that other people’s expressions of faith are annoying and sometimes embarrassing.

But to me it makes a great difference which side of “pretending” you are on, because one of them is true. And if you work on the “side of truth” without claiming to have ownership of it, then you are able to contribute to the ongoing, self-sustaining, life-sustaining flow of creation that is true.

Keeping ourselves awake is one way of saying it. It is like the difference between playing written music or improvising on the spot.  There are many different states of consciousness, or levels of awareness, or “places in the human soul from which we can operate.”

There is the intellect, there is intelligence which is more intuitive and all-encompassing, there is “heart knowledge” or heart sensing, (the thing that drives intellectuals crazy because they have not yet learned how to access it.)

Human beings are capable of “Stages of enlightenment.” That is the truth.

Operating from the intellect alone, brings a person to conclusions which are dead ends: Our love becomes a side-effect of hormones and chemical reactions, as does our depression and our pain. If our soul has imaginations, they are delusional, if we feel anxiety or fear, that can be regulated with drugs.

“Reality” is basically “up for grabs.” Your truth is as valid as mine, since we’ve all been left out here to fend for ourselves. But the real world in which we live is full of mystery, beauty, synchronicity, and invisible forces, including gravity and the geometric forms of snowflakes. The rhythms of the seasons and the year, the angle of the earth on its access, the movement of the planets, the temperature required to sustain human life and thousands of other things are balanced to a fine degree. Is it really all a marvelous accident?

The spiritual world requires spiritual activity. We can go far beyond pretending and far beyond faith, to knowing with absolute certainty of the spiritual world which surrounds and supports our life every day. We can move through various stages of awakening, ascending and descending to meet the demands of each day, while being fed by the knowledge of the spirit all around us.

St. John the Baptist calls, “Change your heart and mind” so that you will be able to recognize Him when he comes. The Kingdom of God is at hand. How many times, lifetimes, will it take until we receive this word?

Carol Kelly


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