Living Water, Living Spirit

Everyone who drinks of this water will become thirsty again. But whoever drinks of the water that I give him, his thirst shall be quenched during this aeon of time. The water that I give will become in him a spring of the water flowing into true life.  John 4:13

Water: the most universal and also the most personal substance. It is not a living thing and yet it gives life to all that lives. It takes whatever form it is  in, it purifies, cleanses, carries our vessels, refreshes, rejuvenates, even as we abuse it.

We can’t put anything into water to make it better. It is perfect just the way it is. What we put into it almost always makes it worse. And the interesting thing is that what we put into it is mostly invisible, so we cannot see the pollution but it is silently, slowly destroying us.

Living water is like living Spirit. There is nothing you can put into the Spirit to make it better. It is perfect just the way it is. But there are invisible forces always seeking to convince us that this is not the case. They “pollute” our thinking and cause it to slowly destroy the image of the human being. We fall into thinking that human beings are like machines, that they are “hard-wired” for certain behavior because of their DNA and have no real choices. We have chemicals in our bodies which make us act the way we act.

All energy, life, motivation, creativity and enthusiasm come from our sense of freedom. We want to believe that “anything is possible.” This does not line up with the mechanistic model! We are enlivened by the true “living water,” the truth of the human being as body, soul and spirit.

Living Spirit and living, pure water have to keep moving. They seek to return to the source, to become one again but in a whole new way. If we are to be able to recognize them, they give us the life we are seeking and no “semblance” of life in its place. What kind of vessel have we created to receive them?


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