The Holy Name


Father, watch over them in your Name that you have given to me, so that they may be one, as we are one.     (John 17:11)

What is the Holy Name? The Voice from the burning bush speaks out the name to Moses; in Hebrew, “Eyer ashe eyer”—“I am I am.”  Christ speaks out that holy name in the Greek, “Ego eimi,” in the seven “I Am” words of the Gospel of John.

What is our true name–the true name of every single human being and all human beings? It is not the name given to us by our parents. In the deepest Spirit-Truth I am not Richard Dancey. I am I. Only I can speak this name in reference to myself. No one else. And I can speak this name for no other. That is so for each and every one of us. A deep spiritual truth is revealed in this grammatical fact.

And it is such a kind of radical spiritual paradox. Each of us is truly singular, unique, one of a kind. No one is truly like you but you. What most differentiates us from one another, creating this unbelievable diversity of over seven billion incarnated human beings on earth, this unique “I am I,” what most differentiates us beyond and deeper than all other things that may unite us with others such as gender, race, folk, nationality, faith, beyond and deeper than all other things, what truly and most spiritually unites us, is this Holy Name–the Name of God, the Name of Christ, and the True Name of every single human being: “I am I.” In our sacred diversity, we are One.

That Truth, that Word, Christ made flesh. That Truth, the Spirit He has sent from the Father the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, reveals, enlightens. May we become apostles of that holy, healing Spirit into this culture with all its divisions, into this adversary polarizing, splitting-apart, tearing-apart time. May we become bearers of that Health-bringing Spirit. That we become One. In God. In Christ. In the consciousness of our humanity.

Richard Dancey


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