A Glass of Water

A clear glass half-full of water is often used as a picture of two very different perspectives and attitudes towards life. The pessimist sees the glass half-empty. The optimist sees the glass half-full. And that expresses a real truth about human attitudes and temperaments.

Is there another way, a new way of seeing? Is there a Christ-way of looking? Seeing things new.

Another way of seeing is this: actually, the glass is completely full. Part of it with water. Part of it with air. And all of it completely permeated, even the glass itself with Light.

Christ sees the whole reality. Christ is neither pessimistic nor optimistic. He clearly sees and works from the accurate, full perception of the whole, and the whole glass is relation to the greater whole it stands within.

And then the new mystery begins. Christ takes the glass of water and pours it out, completely pours it out: that is Golgotha. His whole being unites with the whole human being, spirit, soul, life, body, story. His whole being, human-divine, is poured out with the blood flowing from the cross into the whole earth.

And then the mystery goes on: Christ keeps pouring out his love, his spirit, his life, into human being, into earth existence, into the stream of time, the process of becoming.  And then the mystery grows: the more that love is poured out, the more that love increases. The more the water is poured out from the glass, the more water there is in the glass.  And the glass itself begins to grow. That is Easter.  Ascension.

That is the new Wellspring: the Christ way of seeing, the Christ Way, Truth, and Life. May we see, seek to see things whole. May be we work on developing the capacities to receive and take up Christ’s forces of life, powers of soul, aims of spirit, and pour them out into our daily lives, into our destinies, individual and common, into the living earth that so thirsts, so wants to be baptized in this water of life, into this dry, parched season of the story we are in, the path we are on, that so needs the springing, greening power of Christ.

by Richard Dancey


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