I am the Door

“I am the door.” What is a door? A door is a transformed part of a wall that has been formed into a space, a place of opening and closing, of entering and exiting,  connecting inside and outside, outside and inside.

We say, “Christ in us.” But we can ask, like a child asks childlike questions, we can ask, “Christ in us? Where in us?”

There are probably many, many responses…changing, moving, living, growing responses to such a wonderful-wondering question. We hear some of them in the Sacrament. “Christ in our prayer. Christ in the lifting of our hands. Christ’s light in our daylight.”

Whenever and wherever we truly listen to another human being, open up and let them in; whenever and wherever, we go out, beyond ourselves and truly connect with another being, human, animal, plant, stone; whenever and wherever we move from our own thinking and try to enter into the thinking of another, letting their thinking live in us; whenever and wherever we move from our feeling and enter into the feeling of another, letting their feeling live in us; whenever and wherever we shut the door and keep it closed on an errant word, a thoughtless action, a selfish impulse…in all of these and in so many, many other ways, Christ lives and works in us.

 You can see: these doors are alive, coming and going, appearing and disappearing, and in all of them, wherever Christ is present, living and active in us, we are present and active too. We don’t leave, vacate our space. We become present, awake and active.

 A door has two sides. It’s one door with two sides. The door is Christ, the Divine I AM. The door is the I am that I am. One door, in many, many forms, so alive; all there for the glory of the coming of the Lord.        

by Richard Dancey

—–Original Message—–


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