Living Bread: John 6    


“Bread comes from grain and grain from light,

and light from God all pure and bright.

In fruits of earth God’s glory shines.

Fill Thou our hearts O Lord Divine.”


This simple table grace speaks to this mystery of the feeding of the 5000.

We know a single grain of wheat, planted in the earth, then cared for, with sufficient sun and water, dies, loses its concentrated, contracted, mineral-like form, and all of the light it had gathered, focused in that form is freed, released, to build the new plant, the roots, the stalk, and as it rises, it takes in new light, more light, which it gathers on the top, forming the many new grains of wheat, turning golden, swaying in the summer wind.

One grain multiplies itself into many, many seeds also filled with the light and life-forces of the sun. That in itself is a glory, a revelation of God’s abundant goodness and creating power.

A revelation of the Logos, the WORD-DIVINE.

But that DIVINE WORD itself now contracts, concentrates, focuses itself, becomes flesh, takes on human body and form. All of the power of God gathers in this deed, incarnates in Jesus Christ.

In a sense, is it any wonder that Christ Jesus could so work with bread, so bless the bread with his word, his hands, his presence and power, that that bread becomes bearer of His Light, His Warmth, His Soul and Life? Christ Jesus literally and spiritually feeds the starving souls and hungering forces of life of the multitudes with His Being and Power.

And that mystery event is a picture, a true sign, representing what He does and who He is, through all the cycles and seasons of time since Golgotha and Easter; what He does and who He is, right NOW-Today; what He does and who He is through all ages of the earth to come.

He is THE BREAD OF LIFE, given to us, to be taken in by us, as living bread, as Christ-Seed.

And we, we are the wheat, rooting in the earth, rising in the light, ripening in the wind, becoming potent bearers of His Power, His Spirit, His Deed, Revealers of His Glory.

by Richard Dancey



One thought on “Living Bread: John 6    

  1. Yes, pictures are clear and simple at times. The trick is to allow them to become experience and speak through that transformed light into our work, and our words. Gail Langstroth

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