Light, Darkness, Water, Wine

                          Darkness cannot drive our Darkness;                         

                          Only Light can do that.

                          Hatred cannot drive out Hatred;

                          Only Love can do that.

Those words of Martin Luther King Jr. resonated with a fifth-grader who once shared them with his mother, calling them proof for the existence of God. He noticed that darkness cannot swallow up, nor defeat light.

There may be so much darkness–a room totally packed with darkness. Light one candle and the darkness responds, changes, gives way to the light. There is no conflict. It obeys. Light has power and authority over Darkness.

“And the Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it,” says John in the prologue to the Gospel of John.

In the cycles of nature, the sunlight, with its warmth and forces of life, penetrates the dark earth, penetrates, permeates the grapevine, and the small, hard grape clusters, drawing and lifting up the dark earth, its minerals and water, into the vine, into the hard, small clusters turning the dark earth and the water into red, sweet grape juice, into wine.

In the Sacrament we lift up our souls, our thinking and feeling, our Spirits; we offer ourselves with the bread and wine. In that act, that movement, Christ’s Spirit, his Light and Life stream into, penetrate, permeate and unite with earth substance, bread and wine, and with our Spirits, souls, forces of life, even in the Spirit-Depths of our physical bodies. And the Light of Grace, the Light of Christ shines into the darkness, into the sickness of sin, into earth existence, transforming earth substance and the substance of our souls and lives.

The great goal, the Christ-Star that guides us, is to become ever more and more receivers, bearers of his Power of Grace, sources, day-springs of His Light.

Richard Dancey



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