Soul Dimensions

Your soul is not your body. Your soul is not your brain. It is not a genetic code, or a hormone, or a chemical of any kind. It is affected by these things, but it is none of these. Observe a model of the human brain and ask yourself, “Is this the essence of my being?”

The human soul is that part of you which has been there since before you were born. You, whose existence your mother dreamed of before you were conceived. Your soul stays with you when you are in waking consciousness but at night it slips away back to its origins to be refreshed and renewed for the next day.

Your soul is “sent away” with anesthesia for your sake, so that you don’t have to feel the pain of surgery, and it is sent away through other drugs so that you don’t have to feel the pain of everyday life. But that is dangerous because your soul wants to come back and it must come back and continue to “be you” until your death. So avoiding real experience through drugs and distractions is putting the most important part of you aside. Your soul is stronger than you think. It can take much more than we often give it credit for. It has enormous capacities and flexibility.

The soul has dimensions. It can extend itself to other people far away, in love, in sympathy, and in compassion. The soul knows no bounds in this regard. It can reach a child with autism, a person who does not speak the same language, an animal, a stranger. When it loses its direction, in fear or in anger, it can be destructive.

The soul has depth; infinite depth. When you think you have reached your innermost core you only need to live a little longer to see that there were many more layers to be discovered. No one knows the innermost part of your soul, not even you. Only God and your angel know you there in that place.

Then there is the third dimension of the soul: Height. The soul can reach up to infinite heights. Its capacities are beyond our imagination. The soul reaches new heights through a person wanting to improve almost anything. When someone dedicates himself/herself to improving something within themselves, to do “inner work,” to overcome a bad habit or to be kind to others, to take up regular prayer or meditation, the soul is raised up and becomes a vessel for the Spirit. The person becomes “inspired.” We receive new ideas, creative solutions, connections we hadn’t known were there.

Just as the physical body astounds us each year in the Olympics, with new capacities, things which people simply were not able to do a few years ago, (snowboarding for example) so the soul is also continually attaining new capacities that nobody ever knew were possible. And just as the body has to work out in fitness training, stretching and strengthening, so too does the soul need its daily workout to be the very best that it can be. After all the Lord said, “Follow me,” not “Oh, don’t get up.”

We are living in a world which is asking for us to “step up” in so many ways. We can find the courage to keep trying, to pull for the sake of all of humanity, through the thought that new things will become possible which have never been possible before. What happens in one human soul extends far beyond the bounds of that person. So unlike bodywork, the work of the soul improves not only the one who is doing it, but all other human beings as well. The possibilities are endless. The dimensions of the soul know no bounds.

by Carol Kelly


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