One of the basic facts of our earth existence is this: we live in the elemental life rhythm of day and night, ever anew. The sun rises, makes its journey across the sky. The sun sets, darkness comes, stars appear, planets, moon, moving through the night sky. The light of the sun from far below the horizon makes its way up and the new dawn comes. This rhythm pulses through all seasons and earthly cycles of time.

The mystery question is: how does this happen?

It happens because the earth turns, is always turning, rotating on her axis, turning herself in such a way that her whole being is being bathed in the sun’s direct power every day and sheltered from its might every night. In that hidden power of always turning and the rhythm that turning creates, all living beings on earth live and unfold their destinies and lives.

What a grace. What a mystery. What a power lives in her always turning to the heavens.

That is the power of grace that Christ brings. The Christ-capacity that we, as the Christ New-borns that we are, are just beginning to learn, to practice, to exercise, to unfold the power to always be turning to the spiritual world. In some sense, even when we are not consciously thinking about it, to always be mindful, glancing upward, thankful, praying, praising, seeking, opening, listening, striving…in all things, in all situations, to be turning to the ever-present help of the spiritual world. Through all the days…the glorious ones, the really tough ones, the invigorating ones, the exhausting ones. Through all the nights…the beautiful ones, the agonizing ones, the tender ones, the harsh, lonely ones.

In all things…learning to turn.

Christ, his star of grace, his spirit-sun, will be with us, growing, enlightening, ripening in us. Waking us, calling us out and up, challenging, emboldening, fortifying. Sheltering, comforting, guarding and guiding each day, each night, each step along the way.

by Richard Dancey


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