Walking in the Light of God

We are all walking in the light of God, no matter what we think we’re doing.

Every living thing comes from an enclosed dark place.  It breaks through the soil, the membrane, the shell and arises into the light of day.  This pattern continues throughout a lifetime, throughout the cycles of time on the earth.  We are continuously breaking out of the darkness into the light.

Sometimes we forget this and try to replace the light we seek with entertainment.  But it never really works.  We always come back to that same empty place and wonder what we were supposed to have been doing.  We turn to someone we love, or to a book or a work of art and there it is again: that upward pull, that tapping of the heart.

We can consider that the dark places of our souls as the “medium” out of which the light of understanding or compassion will arise.  So when we have forgotten that we are on a journey back to God, when we think that we are unworthy, or totally lost or broken or forgotten, let us think of our darkness as the best soil there could ever be.

We can offer the smallest prayer as the sign that we are turning toward the light again. We can simply say “yes” to the will of God and keep going, keep showing up, no matter how hard it may be. And one day, we will break through to the light, and comprehend it.


What brings us to our knees in darkness

is the remedy.

Only when we are broken

two halves open

is there redemption.


Immeasurable light in every cell

given on the first day,

in the dark we are luminous

in the womb we knew this,


like the apple cut open

with a stellar secret

hidden in the core.


     by Arielle Ellis


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