Seed: Do You Love Me?

A seed appears to be a very small, compact, solid, simple thing. If you plant it in healthy soil, tend to it, making sure it gets enough sunlight and water, the seed reveals itself to be something so much more than that small, simple thing.

Its power, its life is awakened, becomes active. In fact, the great creating forming forces of life in the universe are called down, streaming down from the sun, moon, planets and stars. They stream up from the earth below; they stream in from all around. The Being, the Spirit-Being of the plant breaks out of that shell, reaching down, rooting itself, taking hold of the earth, drawing up the earth’s substances of water and minerals into itself. It rises up, stems up; spreading out its finely-formed expanding leaves, taking in the light, breathing out the oxygen, begins forming its blossoms, building the fruit and seeds for the future. It is an astounding, very complex, changing, vital wonder.

The question Christ asks, “Do you love me?” is such a seed. So much is concentrated, concealed in this small, simple question. If we take it in. If we form the picture, which I deeply believe is a true picture. If we form the picture that Christ is before us, each of us, asking us this question.  If we plant it deep inside, tend to it, offer it the light of our consciousness, our forces of life, our inner activity, it will begin to grow, reaching down into our depths, rising up into our daylight, into our daily lives, into our destinies. And things will happen.

The amazing thing is, with this seed, we don’t know what will happen, what all is living, hidden, potent in these words. When we let it live in our thoughts, let it think in us, when we carry it out of this holy time into the coming year…

It will reveal itself. It will guide in freedom. It will wake us up again and again. It will cause us to pause, to consider. It will prompt us, call us to listen, to wonder, to seek, ask, knock, and out of that inner, open, receptive activity, to respond.

It will challenge, sometimes shake us. It will encourage and comfort, bless and help us…center, remember, open and expand, concentrate and consecrate.

What a gift, more precious than gold. What a grace and glory lives in the four, simple Christ-words, “Do you love me?”

by Richard Dancey


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