Between Heaven and Earth

“The power of the true center, resting in itself, which is capable of mediating between heaven and earth, is revealed in the human ‘I’.
“Human beings must ‘find’ through their own initiative what the divinity wants to give to them, and thus make it truly their own.  ‘Finding’ means a fully awake, powerful experience of the self which flashes into the consciousness like lightning.”  – Rudolf Frieling
Quoted from the book, The Hope of the World, by – Rudolf Frieling, a member of the founding circle of priests in the movement for religious renewal.”
This post was created by Patrick Kennedy, priest in the Christian Community, a movement for religious renewal.  Find out more here:

2 thoughts on “Between Heaven and Earth

  1. Well, Patrick, thank you for this!! You won’t remember me since there were so many of us, but I met you seven or eight years ago at a retreat in Pennsylvania sponsored by the Devon community. I trust all is well with you. Thanks for reminding me of this book. It was a devotional of mine given to me by a dear friend. Maybe I should pull it out again. Right now my spiritual project is memorizing the Foundation Stone Meditation for the second time. I memorized it about ten years ago as a New Years project. Working on it now is like I never had learned it before. Go figure!! May Christ continue to shed His grace on you wherever you’re at in the World’s rhythms. Mary

    • Dear Mary, sadly, you are right! I can’t remember you by name but if we saw one another I would remember. Thank you for what you shared and your blessing wishes; they are much appreciated. My best to you.

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