We Feel Responsible

by Rev. Carol Kelly

What is impossible for human strength will become possible though the power of God. ” Luke 18:27

Our hearts want to awaken,
But we defend against that
Because we do not want to feel
That much pain.

Is this who we are now, America?
People who just accept, absorb and suffer random shootings?
People who just think we have to accept guns and violence as a way of life?

I do not think so.
I think we are weaving a World-Conscience
Out of Catastrophe.
We feel for the families and friends who have lost loved ones.
But perhaps more importantly,
We feel responsible.
We are beginning to own the events around us in a whole new way.

We are working toward a collective shift in consciousness and
A mass heart-awakening,
Beginning with heart-breaking,
Over and over until we overcome.

We who are still alive and are not done
We are still working this life, this evolving.
We can only pray each day for insight and love to wash over us,
And make us whole.

Reflections on the shootings in Charleston by Rev. Carol Kelly, priest in the Christian Community, movement for religious renewal.  Find out more at http://www.ccgwb.org and http://www.thechristiancommunitygwb.org.


2 thoughts on “We Feel Responsible

  1. This is the most helpful insight into the depths of darkness this even has taken my family. I read it to my (young adult) kids at breakfast.
    Thanks for feeding us us this truth.
    Bless you, Carol.
    Love you.

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