The Power to Unite Us

 “Good poetry begins with

the lightest touch,

a breeze arriving from nowhere,

a whispered healing arrival,

a word in your ear,

a settling into things,

then like a hand in the dark

it arrests the whole body,

steeling you for revelation.

In the silence that follows

A great line

You can feel Lazarus

Deep inside

Even the laziest, most deathly afraid

Part of you,

Lift up his hands and walk toward the light.”      – David Whyte

What do you know to be true?

The Holy Spirit is upon us. This is the time of Whitsun when the Holy Spirit comes to us as individuals. Every person has this possibility. And even though we receive the Holy Spirit as individuals, what we receive is universal. There are truths which unite us all. This is the first truth.

No one has a handle on the truth. Neither does truth live in relativity. It exists. It has to be fought for, awaited, longed for, searched for, discerned, and yes, loved. Many people have died for love of truth.

The beauty of it is that although we search for it as individuals, and we can only be inspired each within his or her soul and context, real truths have the power to unite us.  There are universal truths about which no one can argue.

What we need right now is the Holy Spirit in large doses. We need a source of “renewable energy” which can fill our hearts and unite us across great expanses. This is possible! The Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the light of truth comes to meet us as we raise ourselves in holy expectation. In the same way that the environmental concerns of our time affect us all, so does the recognition of our connectedness.

So ask yourselves: “What do I know to be true?”  See what you find. Whatever it is, it will be informative. And when you have your truths laid out before you, find the one which is closest to your heart and radiate it.  May the light of the Holy Spirit unite us!


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