It can get so petty and small, the soul.  So balled up in a bunch, so arms-tightly-folded-across-the-chest-with-a-grumpy-face small. Contracted. Cold.  Hard.

How do we open up and expand again?  How do we expand to those widths and heights that are truly worthy of the soul?


Warmth melts the ice, turns water into steam and causes everything to rise. And warmth comes from above.

Where does the warmth that expands the soul come from?  What melts us, opens us up, lifts us out of ourselves and helps us envelop the world, like the clouds?

We are eager to hear your answer!  Please share in the comment area below…


10 thoughts on “Ascension

  1. Gratitude expressed, small acts of kindness, reading Gospel, Act of Consecration, small children laughing, remembering who Christ is and that he loves me even when I can’t.

  2. For me: seeing, really “Seeing” people. Letting them grow, listening, being and doing with. When they become expansive in my awareness, I expand too. Yes, gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. My bumper sticker guidance for life: Do random acts of kindness and senseless beauty. Birds singing will stop me in my tracks. I’ve often thought, besides hearing my loved ones’ voices, I want the bird chorus to be the last thing I hear on Earth. Christ in me my hope of glory. And let me add one more thing: How much I appreciate this blog: Lots!!

    • wow, thanks Mary! to have our work here included with the song of the birds is more than one could ever hope for. thank you for these beautiful thoughts on what expands you; can share them completely.

  3. I can’t describe clearly what is it, which gives warmth comes to my soul. It is like this “Sun of the soul” is always here. Just such things like doing something good for other people, contemplation for Nature, playing with smiling children develop it, make this inner Sun visible, makes it really shining and being hot (while in usual life it often sleeps).
    So this source of soul warmth is something very-very inner, very mystic. But it is always a part of me, it is always inside of me. Just sometimes it is expressed better, and sometimes – hides in some corner.

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