Love is Answered by Love

“In God love ever flows between the Father and the Son in the Spirit. Love is answered by love, and the conversation takes in the suffering of a whole universe striving to attain fulfillment with its Creator. Prayer is always going on in God.

Our prayer is not making conversation with God. It is joining the conversation that is already going on.”

~ Martin L Smith

The difficult part is finding the first words; finding the love within to begin with. The difficult part is often called the “ice-breaker” because the feeling is like being out in the cold, trying to find the way in to the warm place. And it seems that the way to reach another human being is to dial- in to that “one conversation”, the one we’re all having with God. What difference does it make who is “right” or more clever in the eyes of God? The light within each person is waiting to be comprehended.  When the light can shine in the darkness, through the unique glass that is in each one of us “stained” with our successes and our failures, then we will have created a true “House of Prayer.”  This Christ Community could freely travel anywhere and answer anyone with love.
Carol Kelly is a priest in the Christian Community, movement for religious renewal.  Find our more here: and

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